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Best Kept Punk Secret

By Eric Hufschmid


Hey guys,

Today we’ve got a classic punk trick to teach you. Many times, punk rockers will write a riff and then change the first note of the riff every time it’s played to match the bass note of a particular chord progression. This is a super cool way to get extra mileage out of a riff and extend it to fill up an entire section of a song. However, you need to be conscious of where your notes and chords are in this key. Look for patterns and even where the dots are on the neck to keep you “grounded” in the riff so you make fewer mistakes. This is hard to do while jumping around on stage so always look for an easy way to remember how to do it visually.

Enjoy the lesson guys!


Try this in different keys over progressions that you’ve created. I usually start with a progression than try to highlight it with the melody notes, but don’t think that’s the only way you have to do it. If you have a great melody, add chords to it!


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