Classic Rock Riff Basics


Rock Foundations – The 5 Classic Rock Chords

Today we’ve got one of the most important lessons for playing classic rock guitar. We’ll teach you the five main chords you’ll need to write a ton of riffs and open up a world of rock.


Five Cl. Rock Chords + Pentatonics = Riff Heaven

Today we’ll show you how to combine the open A pentatonic scale and the five classic rock chords to create some beast riffs that blend the line between rhythm and lead guitar.


Classic Rock Barre Chords

  Hey guys,In today’s lesson we are going to expand on our “five classic rock chords” lesson. Basically, we are going to take the same pentatonic based open chords but instead apply them to barre chords. We’ll be able to use any key now which opens up a lot of doors for our playing. In […]

Cool Classic Rock Chords


The Police Style – “Sus 2 Chords”

Today we’re going to look at a different way to play sus 2 chords that lends itself perfectly to classic rock, especially in a Police style.

Exploring Rhythm Guitar Concepts


The Edge Style – “Chord Partials”

Today we’ll be exploring some of the rhythm guitar concepts of the U2 axeman, specifically his use of chord partials and digital delay to create his signature soundscapes.

Riff Writing Tactics


Riff Writing Techniques – Whole Step Transposition

Creating awesome riffs doesn’t need to be difficult! We’ll show you a timeless technique to give your riffs some edge and keep your listeners hooked.


Blues Rock Utopia – Following The 12 Bar Blues

Making blues rock riffs is easy – just follow the 12 bar blues with your riff and you can’t go wrong! We’ll show you the technique you’ll need.


Super Heavy Classic Rock Techniques

Today we’re going to look at the art of creating super heavy classic rock riffs in the style of Ozzy Osbourne. We’ll show you how using the minor scale.


Chromatic Connector Notes

In this lesson we’re going to look at how to use chromatic notes to connect chords in a Led Zeppelin/Boston/Beatles style.

Creating Guitar Textures


Make Your Axe Squeal With Harmonics

It’s time to make your guitar howl like Van Halen! To do this, we’re going to learn about guitar harmonics, one of Eddie’s favorite techniques.

Advanced Chord Shapes


Root 6 Piggy Back Chords

Today we’re going to learn about piggy back chords – cool shapes you can add to any chord to spice it up and create a dynamic, funky chord riff.


Root 5 Piggy Back Chords

We’ve got another piggy back lesson, this time built off of the root 5 barre chords. This will teach you to funk and groove out and create dynamic chord riffs.


The Keith Richards Style – “Triad Embellishments”

Keith Richards created many of his most timeless riffs by using his standby triads and embellishments. We’ll show you some of his favorites and how to use them.

Advanced Applications of Theory


Make Rock Progressions With The Dorian Mode

The Dorian mode is a great way to create darker sounding riffs while not having the sappiness of a standard minor key. Tons of bands ranging from Led Zeppelin to Kiss have used this technique!


Latin Classic Rock Theory

Latin style music is known for its harmonic complexity, but today we’ll make it easy in this Latin classic rock lesson.


Advanced Classic Rock Harmony – Parallel Minor

We’re looking at some advanced harmony concepts in today’s lesson, specifically the use of parallel minor. The Beatles would use this all the time in their progressions, and you can too!

Developing Lead Chops


Easy Soloing With Major Pentatonics

Soloing can be super easy, and we’ll show you a pattern that is simple to memorize and execute. Guys like The Allman Brothers, Skynyrd, and Boston have even used it!


The Jimmy Page Scale

Learn the scale behind some of the greatest Led Zeppelin solos ever including “Heartbreaker”

The Hendrix Style


The Hendrix Style – “The Hendrix Chord”

One of Hendrix’s favorite tricks was his use of the #9 chord, later dubbed the Hendrix chord because of its association with the guitarist. Today we’ll show you this magical chord.


The Hendrix Style – “Thumb Chords”

Hendrix had a unique way to play barre chords which freed up fingers to play his classic embellishments. We’ll show you his patented thumb chords in this lesson!


Psychedelic Hendrix Chord Riffin’

We’re continuing our study of the Hendrix chord with a practical lesson on how to create riffs around it.

Modal Riffing


Make Super Groovy Riffs With The Dorian Scale

Today we’re looking at the groovier side of classic rock with the Dorian scale. We’ll look at how to use this mode to create some funky riffs like Van Halen, Aerosmith, and more.


Progressive Harmony – Lydian Substitutions

Today we’re looking at an advanced jazz/rock trick based around Lydian substitutions. These are progressions that guys like Frank Zappa would use, and we think you’ll really enjoy them!


Soloing Strategies – Mixolydian over 7ths

7th chords are essential to classic rock guitar, so knowing how to solo over them is integral to playing in the style. We’ll show you how in this lesson.

Soloing Mastery


Latin Classic Rock With Harmonic Minor

We’ve got a brand new scale today – harmonic minor. This scale is used for Latin styles as well as classical sounds and is the scale of choice for a player like Carlos Santana.