Riff Writing

Chromatic Connector Notes

January 14, 2013 2 Comments

In this lesson we’re going to look at how to use chromatic notes to connect chords in a Led Zeppelin/Boston/Beatles style.

Psychedelic Hendrix Chord Riffin’

January 8, 2013 No Comments

We’re continuing our study of the Hendrix chord with a practical lesson on how to create riffs around it.

Classic Rock Barre Chords

December 21, 2012 1 Comment

  Hey guys,In today’s lesson we are going to expand on our “five classic rock chords” lesson. Basically, we are going to take the same pentatonic based open chords but instead apply them to barre chords. We’ll be able to use any key now which opens up a lot of doors for our playing. In […]

Making Legit Riffs – Four Part Phrasing

August 28, 2011 No Comments

Dividing a riff into four parts will automatically make it sound whole, complete, and professional. However, there are some things to keep in mind, and we’ll walk you through it.

Advanced Riff Writing – Compound Intervals

August 28, 2011 3 Comments

Compound intervals are a great shape used by bands like The Strokes, Incubus, and Green Day to create riffs. Because they are fairly stripped down, they work great as 2nd guitar parts!

Use Chord Extensions for That Wow Factor

August 28, 2011 1 Comment

Banging away on chords often won’t do anything to capture your listener’s attention. Today we’ll show you how to use chord extensions to turn a regular progression into a head turner.

Coheed Style Riff Writing

August 26, 2011 1 Comment

Today we’re looking at one of the riff writing strategies of Coheed and Cambria. Specifically, we’ll be looking at droning the E string coupled with 5th string melodies.

Making Legit Riffs by Trading Off

August 25, 2011 No Comments

Today we’ll show you how to create metal riffs by working in tradeoffs between chugging and scale tones. This technique helps bring riffs to life and really captures the listener’s ear.

Keep It Simple Stupid!

August 23, 2011 No Comments

Often the best riffs are the simplest ones. Today we’ll look at some strategies you can use to create timeless, catchy, instantly memorable gems.

Best Kept Punk Secret

August 18, 2011 1 Comment

We’ve got a classic punk riff writing technique for you guys today! We’ll look at how to create interesting melodies while also highlighting the chord progressions.

Riff Writing Techniques – Whole Step Transposition

August 12, 2011 No Comments

Creating awesome riffs doesn’t need to be difficult! We’ll show you a timeless technique to give your riffs some edge and keep your listeners hooked.

Super Heavy Classic Rock Techniques

August 12, 2011 1 Comment

Today we’re going to look at the art of creating super heavy classic rock riffs in the style of Ozzy Osbourne. We’ll show you how using the minor scale.

Blues Rock Utopia – Following The 12 Bar Blues

August 9, 2011 1 Comment

Making blues rock riffs is easy – just follow the 12 bar blues with your riff and you can’t go wrong! We’ll show you the technique you’ll need.

Make Super Groovy Riffs With The Dorian Scale

August 9, 2011 1 Comment

Today we’re looking at the groovier side of classic rock with the Dorian scale. We’ll look at how to use this mode to create some funky riffs like Van Halen, Aerosmith, and more.