Power Chords in Modern Rock


Basic Modern Rock Power Chord Rhythms

Today we’ll learn how to use varying rhythms to create a driving, modern rock power chord riff.

Basic Riff Writing


Keep It Simple Stupid!

Often the best riffs are the simplest ones. Today we’ll look at some strategies you can use to create timeless, catchy, instantly memorable gems.


Best Kept Punk Secret

We’ve got a classic punk riff writing technique for you guys today! We’ll look at how to create interesting melodies while also highlighting the chord progressions.


Making Legit Riffs – Four Part Phrasing

Dividing a riff into four parts will automatically make it sound whole, complete, and professional. However, there are some things to keep in mind, and we’ll walk you through it.

Adding Color to Your Playing


Power Chord Embellishments

If normal power chords are starting to get old for you guys, we’ve got some embellishments you can add to spice up a normal riff and make it super cool.


Create Riffs by Subbing Bass Note Chords

Today we’ll be looking at another riff writing technique – substituting common chords for bass note chords to create modern and advanced sounding progressions.


Create Killer Progressions With Dominant Resolution

Creating great progressions is the foundation for an awesome song. Today we’ll show you a technique to naturally flow and lead to the next chord.

Lead Guitar for a New Generation


No-Brainer Modern Rock Soloing

Learn a super simple strategy for lead guitar that bands like Paramore and Hillsong have used that you could literally play in your sleep!

Drop D for Heavy Alternative


Create Heavy, Grungy Drop D Progressions

Today we’ll explore how to use use Drop to create heavy yet poppy and memorable chord progressions.

Octaves - A Deeper Look


Create Epic Leads With Octaves

Learn to create super epic, huge sounding leads using 5th string root octaves to support chord tones and add melody.


How to Choose Octaves to Sound Epic

Choosing which octaves to play can be a daunting task, but we’ll make it super easy! The result will be epic, professional sounding guitar parts you’ll love.

Adding Melody to Your Hooks


Use Chord Extensions for That Wow Factor

Banging away on chords often won’t do anything to capture your listener’s attention. Today we’ll show you how to use chord extensions to turn a regular progression into a head turner.


Smashing Pumpkins Style Riffs

The Smashing Pumpkins have a diverse sound built on layering guitar parts. Today we’ll show you how to use a chord melody approach to capture their signature sound.

Get A Sophisticated Rock Sound


Power Chord Bass Note Trick

Today we’ve got a very cool trick to show you where we’ll make a riff and vary the bass notes to give our riff some direction. It’s a lot of fun!


The Sophisticated Rocker

Today we’ll show you how to apply 7th chord power chords to a key to write sophisticated rock songs that blur the line between alternative, progressive, and jazz.


Advanced Riff Writing – Compound Intervals

Compound intervals are a great shape used by bands like The Strokes, Incubus, and Green Day to create riffs. Because they are fairly stripped down, they work great as 2nd guitar parts!

Blues Group for Modern Rockers


Alternative Soloing Using Chromatics

In alternative rock, it’s important to sound different while at the same time sounding a little harsh and off. Today we’ll show you how to use chromatics to get this effect.

Arranging Guitars for a Band


Splitting Guitar Parts for Two Players

One of the biggest problems new bands face is how to arrange guitar parts for two players. Today we’ll show you a timeless strategy so that you guys aren’t walking over each other.

Strange Timing


Stand Apart With Odd Time Signatures

Today we’ll show you how to use odd time signatures to create some cool, different sounding alternative riffs that will really help you stand out from your peers!

The Super Dark Sound of Harmonic Minor


Classical Progressions for the Modern Rocker

Today, we’ll be using harmonic minor to incorporate classical progressions in a modern rock way.