Minor Key Theory

Seven Mary Three Style i VII VI VII Progression

July 26, 2011 No Comments

Minor keys have been an key way for bands to get a heavy hitting sound. Today we’ll check out how Seven Mary Three might use such a progression.

The Offspring Style i VI III VII Progression

July 25, 2011 No Comments

Punk rockers love minor keys because it can really give their music a dark tonality. We’ll be looking at an Offspring inspired riff today to show you what you can do with minor keys.

Minor Key Theory

July 25, 2011 1 Comment

Understanding minor keys will help you to create sad, dark, beautiful, heavy, or metal songs. There’s so much you can do with minor keys so let’s go!

Maroon 5 Style i iv VII III Progression

July 17, 2011 1 Comment

This riff uses a i iv VII III progression in the style of the ever funky-rockin popsters Maroon 5. Hope you like it!