Classic Rock Riff Basics

Classic Rock Barre Chords

December 21, 2012 1 Comment

  Hey guys,In today’s lesson we are going to expand on our “five classic rock chords” lesson. Basically, we are going to take the same pentatonic based open chords but instead apply them to barre chords. We’ll be able to use any key now which opens up a lot of doors for our playing. In […]

Rock Foundations – The 5 Classic Rock Chords

August 9, 2011 2 Comments

Today we’ve got one of the most important lessons for playing classic rock guitar. We’ll teach you the five main chords you’ll need to write a ton of riffs and open up a world of rock.

Five Cl. Rock Chords + Pentatonics = Riff Heaven

August 9, 2011 3 Comments

Today we’ll show you how to combine the open A pentatonic scale and the five classic rock chords to create some beast riffs that blend the line between rhythm and lead guitar.