Blues Structures


The Big Three 12 Bar Blues Structures

This is essential blues right here – we’re learning about the three main 12 bar blues structures, critical for any fan of the style.


Tricks of the Trade – The b5 Chord

The b5 is a chord that can serve as a silky smooth transition between other chords in our blues and can really add that swagger to our playing.

Basic Blues Rhythm Guitar


Singin’ The Hurt With Minor Blues

Today we’ll show you how to use a minor key to create some heart wrenching blues songs.

Blues Lead Baby Steps


The Blues Scale

Today we’re learning perhaps the most important thing you’ll ever need to play blues lead – the legendary blues scale.

Tasty Blues


Playing With the King: Major Pentatonics

One key to BB King’s soloing style is his use of major penatonics. In this lesson we’ll break down his scale choice so we too can get his smooth sound!


The BB King Slide

This is one of BB King’s easiest signature licks. You’ll immediately recognize it when you hear it!

Diving Deeper into Blues Soloing


Adding Soul to Solos – Call and Response

Call and response is an ancient technique built into our subconscious but really comes to life in blues lead playing. This is one of the best ways to put soul in your solos.


Sultry Blues Lead – Mixing Major and Minor Pent

One of the most important concepts a blues guitarist needs to understand is how to mix major and minor pentatonics to make a solo. Today, we’ll break it down and make it easy.

The Turnaround


Turn That Boat Around!

A turnaround is an essential part of the blues because it signals to the other players that the progression is starting over. Today we’ll show you the most important turnaround of all!

A Deeper Look at Pentatonics


Intro to the Blues Group

Welcome to the Blues Group! The Blues Group consists of several key scales and additions that work very well for blues soloing, each with it’s own flavor.


The Blues Group – Blue Note

You couldn’t have the blues group without the blue note! By just adding one note you can infuse some serious soul into your solos. We’ll show you how.


The Blues Group – The Funk Note

Now it’s time for the most groovin’ member of the Blues Group – the funk note. This note has some serious mojo and is one of the secrets behind all things funk.


The Blues Group – Black Dog Note

Next up in our blues group is the black dog note. This note creates a smooth flow back to our root note and has been used by Zeppelin, Kiss, Black Sabbath, and more.


The Blues Group – Dorian Scale

The next member of the Blues Group is also the jazziest – this time it’s the Dorian scale. The Dorian scale is great for Latin, jazz based blues, and more.


Blues Soloing Essentials – Moving Pentatonics

Occasionally, a player will have to change which pentatonic scale he uses to solo depending on what chord is being played. Today we’ll show you the easiest way to do it.

A Rock Blues Study


Learn the Blues Rock Style

In this lesson we’ll be exploring the vast world of blues rock. You could write novels about this style, but today we’re going to look at a few of the popular riffs and techniques associated with it.

Advanced Blues Chords


Must Know Blues Chords – #9 and 13 Chords

We’ve got a pair of must know blues chords that will actually bridge you into the world of jazz blues.

Texas Blues


SRV Style Muted Rhythm Technique

One of Stevie Ray Vaughn’s signature tricks was muting the strings and strumming them to create a percussive effect. Today, we’ll show you how to create this sound.


The SRV Scale

Learn the scale SRV used to create some of his signature Texas blues licks

Modal Blues Grooves


Nasty Latin Dorian Blues

The Dorian mode is known for having a very Latin flavor. In this lesson we’ll look at how we can apply this to a blues progression.

Solo Blues Techniques


Delta Style Acoustic Blues

In this lesson we’re taking a trip down the Mississippi to look at a little Delta style acoustic blues. This is an important style where you’ll be covering all the parts!

A Jazz Blues Study


Harmonic Minor Scale

Today we’ve got another essential scale for blues lead – this time the harmonic minor scale. It’s perfect for Latin style soloing, so let’s get started!


Swingin’ Jazz Blues

Today we’re exploring the jazz blues style where we follow a typical blues progression but use fancy jazz chords instead.

The Joe Bonamassa Style


Joe Bonamassa Style Sequences

Joe Bonamassa is an awesome modern day blues shredder, and one of the secrets behind his lead work is his sequential patterns. Today, we’ll break them down for you.