Acoustic Guitar Course - Garage Band University

Reinterpreting What You Know


Open Mic Chord Progressions

Learn a funky chord progression that hearkens back to beatnik open mic nights.


Bass Note Chords for Acoustic Players

Today we’re going to share a neat acoustic approach to bass note chords that players like Dave Matthews have used to create some classic hits. It’s easy and sounds awesome!


Dreamy Lydian Chord Progression

Create an atmospheric, dreamy riff using the lydian mode in this guitar lesson

In The Style Of...


Ray Lamontagne style chord progression

Today we’ll use drone notes to create a Ray Lamontagne progression that he might use in one of his folk ballads


Play Like Slowhand With The Clapton Scale

Today we’ll modify the minor pentatonic scale like Eric Clapton to capture his signature unplugged sound.


Deer Tick Style Lick

Learn a dark country sounding riff in the style of Deer Tick using chromaticism and harmonic minor

Color Chords for Acoustic Players


Country Chord Changes

Learn a classic country chord progression in this lesson


Haunting and Dark Acoustic 7th Chords

In this lesson you’re going to see 7th chords in a whole new light, and the effect will be haunting and beautiful at the same time. So let’s get started!

The Coveted Open Sound


Open Moveable Chords

Today we’re going to explore a critical acoustic guitar concept – open moveable chords. These shapes create an open, full, beautiful sound perfect for pop, rock, and other styles. So let’s get started!

Get The Jangly Guitar Sound


1 String Scale With Open Strings

We’ve got a super simple trick to show you today that will fill your sound out and give your riffs a jangly, almost Gaelic quality. We’ll show you how!

Creative Voicings


Create Your Own Chords

This lesson is for you more creative players out there. Basically we’re going to take familiar shapes and then manipulate them in certain ways to get some brand new sounds. Enjoy guys!

Arranging for the Acoustic Guitar


Solo Guitar Has Never Been Easier!

Today we’re looking at basic techniques used to create solo guitar pieces. Specifically, we’ll be discussing the concept of static melodies and changing chords for acoustic guitar.


Arrange “My Coutry Tis of Thee” for Solo Guitar

We’ve got a different type of lesson today, we’re going to look at how one might arrange a melody for solo guitar. To demonstrate, we’re going to use the classic tune “My Country Tis of Thee.”

Fancy Capo Tricks


Creative Capo Uses

Today we’ve got a crazy capo trick to show you which will give you an awesome open sound unlike anything you’ve heard!

Percussive Acoustic


Play Your Guitar Like a Drum

Learn to play your guitar percussively, adding in thumps, taps, clicks, and harmonics to create a driving rhythm with your playing.