Metal Primer


One String Pentatonic Brutality

Today we’ll be studying a metal essential – pentatonic riffs built off the low E string. By using chugging and accents we’ll have a solid foundation for much of the metal out there!


Adding the Blue Note for Extra Carnage

We’re going to continue our basic metal study by adding in the blue note to our E pentatonic scale. This simple note adds a whole new level of heaviness in our playing!


Coheed Style Riff Writing

Today we’re looking at one of the riff writing strategies of Coheed and Cambria. Specifically, we’ll be looking at droning the E string coupled with 5th string melodies.


Making Legit Riffs by Trading Off

Today we’ll show you how to create metal riffs by working in tradeoffs between chugging and scale tones. This technique helps bring riffs to life and really captures the listener’s ear.

Classic Metal Study


Old School Metal Double Stops

Today we’re checking old school metal techniques – specifically the use of double stops to add some attitude and bite to your playing.

Drop D - The Heart of Metal


In The Zone And Ready To Rock

Welcome to the metal zone, a pattern used to create thousands of the heaviest riffs of all time. If you want to play Drop tuned metal… you NEED to know this.


Soundgarden style Drop D riff

Learn a super heavy chunking Soundgarden style Drop D power chord riff. Good times!

Exotic Sounding Metal


“I’ve Created A Monster!” – Using Hybrid Scales

Today we’ll be using multiple scales and modes to create exotic, advanced metal sounds.


Creating Metal Ballads With Open Strings

Even metal music has a soft side, and today we’ll be looking at how to use open strings to create a Metallica style ballad.

Legato - A Shredder's Best Friend


Built For Speed… Not For Comfort

Today we’ll be looking at simple 3 note scales that will help you move quickly, horizontally across the fretboard. You’ll be shredding in no time!


Evil Diminished Shred Lick

Our study of legato shred continues with this evil diminished shred lick that utilizes open strings and symmetrical patterns. Enjoy!

Sweep Picking - Light Speed Metal


Basic Sweep Picking

Today we begin our journey into the world of sweep picking, one of the most popular techniques for ridiculous shredding. Today, we’ll learn the most popular pattern ever!


Economically Make The Most Of Your Picking

Learn to take your sweep picking to a whole new level using a popular, super fun progression.