Getting Started

How to Hold a Pick

September 1, 2011 2 Comments

Time to learn the correct way to hold a pick! Everyone’s got a different technique, but we’re going to teach you the universally accepted way.

All About the Left Hand

September 1, 2011 2 Comments

Time to look at proper left hand technique! We want to develop good habits early on, so really absorb what we’re talking about here!

1234 Finger Exercises

September 1, 2011 3 Comments

Time to learn one of the best exercises for getting your fingers into shape. Finger strength is at the heart of guitar playing, and this is one of the best exercises you can do!

How to Tune by Ear

July 4, 2011 1 Comment

Today we’re taking off the training wheels and teaching you how to tune by ear! This one may take a while to master, but you will in time!

How to Read Tab

June 30, 2011 1 Comment

Tab, short for tablature, is the main way guitarists read music. It’s super easy, and we’ll break it down nice and slow to make sure you get it!

Basic Picking Technique

June 30, 2011 1 Comment

A lot goes into proper picking, and good technique will help make you a faster better player as you develop. Get the scoop here!

How to Hold a Guitar

June 30, 2011 2 Comments

Learn the proper way the hold the instrument to make it as easy and comfortable to play as possible.

Using a Tuner

June 30, 2011 3 Comments

No matter your skill level, you’ll only sound good if you’re in tune! Today we’ll show you how!

Names of the Strings

June 30, 2011 1 Comment

Next up we’re going to learn the names of the strings! These are going to be the actual musical notes, and we’ve got a nifty little trick to memorizing them!

Parts of the Guitar

June 30, 2011 2 Comments

So you’ve got a guitar, but what the heck do call everything? We’re here to help :)

What You Need

June 29, 2011 1 Comment

Welcome to your first ever lesson! Here we’ll talk about gear you’ll need to get rockin!