The Left Over Chords

Weezer – “Undone” (Chords)

August 3, 2011 4 Comments

Grab your horn rimmed glasses because we’re taking a trip back to the 90′s to check out the Weezer classic “Undone (The Sweater Song).”

Jimi Hendrix – “Hey Joe” (Chords)

August 3, 2011 2 Comments

We’ve got a Hendrix classic to get some extra work with our newest batch of chords. This is an easy version that even a beginner can play and have fun with!

Bonus Chords – C, C7, G, G7, B7

August 3, 2011 3 Comments

We’ve got a new batch of chords today to check out today, including C, C7, G, G7, B7. With these, you’re well on your way to having a great handle on the open chords.