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Joan Jett Style Power Chord Riff

By Darren DeFranco


Hello GBUers!

Hope you guys aren’t tired of power chords just yet! You’ll be using them for the rest of your guitar life! We’ve got another riff to help practice your root 5 and root 6 shapes, this time in the style of punk rocker Joan Jett. Punk is all about rebellion and attitude, so the straight forward loud aggressive sound of the power chord really helped convey the punk rock sentiments. Joan Jett really helped tear down some boundaries for girls to rock, so this riff is a tribute to her.

Have fun guys!


Once again, get this riff down and you’ll be ready to move on. This riff has a lot of space in it, so use that to your advantage and take that time to get in position for the next power chord. You guys can do it!


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