Splitting Guitar Parts for Two Players

By Darren DeFranco


Hey guys,

If any of you play in a band with several guitar players, you quickly learn that it’s easy for one player to walk over the other. As such, it’s important that the more guitarists there, the less each needs to play to fill up space. A common strategy players use it take a guitar part and divide it up. Today we’ll be looking at a power chord progression and learning how to split up the chords for two players. This is a must know for you band members out there!

Enjoy the lesson guys!


Try taking a few power chord progressions and splitting up the chords for two players. Here are a few to get you started:

B5 – D5 – G5 – C#5
F5 – Bb5 – D5 – C5
Bb5 – D5 – Eb5 – F5


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