“At GBU, our promise is simple – follow our step by step courses, take it slow, and you will become a great guitar player. period.”

Here’s what makes GBU special.

1) We have a step by step system

Every lesson builds on the last one, making sure you always have the skills you need to master a particular lesson.

As long as you take it slow and really learn the material, you will be an amazing guitarist.

You know exactly where to start and where to go next! No second guessing, ever.

2) We personally care about your development

We want you learn the guitar and will go the extra mile to make sure you do.
We want to get to know our students and address their specific needs.

Want to learn something specific? We’ll put up a custom lesson for you!

3) GBU is fun!

We believe music should always be an enjoyable, stress-free activity.

We formulated our method around real world, practical, musical examples. There’s nothing text booky here!

From day one, you’ll be playing real rock riffs, and we always keep that going.

4) We make it easy

Music should never be overwhelming, or intimidating, or feel like a chore. Our system can and has been learned by children.

5) You’ll become a musician, not just a player

We make sure you have all the fundamentals so that you can conquer any musical goal or challenge you may have.

You’ll be able to play in any band, sit down in any session, write and play anything you want.

6) We cater to many different styles

Our five levels teach your examples and riffs in every style, ranging from classic rock, blues, country, jazz, metal, to modern. We never want anyone to feel left out!

After completing our five main levels, you can pursue one of our six majors that specialize in different styles. These are intensive and deep explorations that will help you truly master your style of choice.

7) The GBU method is unique

Our system is a culmination of years of teaching, figuring out how people learn and internalize material.

We put you in the frame of mind of the most successful guitarists out there – in other words, we show you what they were thinking and their method for how they created their music.

8) GBU is taught by real teachers

We make a living doing this day in and day out. We aren’t just session players or band members.

We have years of real experience teaching every kind of student you can imagine. Mother, child, business owner, you name it.

We’ve seen every problem a student faces and we know exactly how to address every single one.

9) We cover modern, relevant music

Doesn’t it seem like most sites don’t cover any music made within the last twenty years? While at GBU we have a deep respect for the music of the past, we also understand the needs of the modern guitarist.

As such, you’ll find lessons covering the techniques of today’s best bands, showing you how to make it in today’s scene.