Evil Diminished Shred Lick

November 18, 2012 1 Comment

Our study of legato shred continues with this evil diminished shred lick that utilizes open strings and symmetrical patterns. Enjoy!

Basic Sweep Picking

August 18, 2011 1 Comment

Today we begin our journey into the world of sweep picking, one of the most popular techniques for ridiculous shredding. Today, we’ll learn the most popular pattern ever!

Built For Speed… Not For Comfort

August 18, 2011 No Comments

Today we’ll be looking at simple 3 note scales that will help you move quickly, horizontally across the fretboard. You’ll be shredding in no time!

Economically Make The Most Of Your Picking

August 18, 2011 No Comments

Learn to take your sweep picking to a whole new level using a popular, super fun progression.

Joe Bonamassa Style Sequences

August 9, 2011 No Comments

Joe Bonamassa is an awesome modern day blues shredder, and one of the secrets behind his lead work is his sequential patterns. Today, we’ll break them down for you.

Alternate Picking

August 2, 2011 2 Comments

Today we’re going to learn a brand new technique called alternate picking. This is essential to playing efficiently and quickly and is one of the secrets behind shredding.

Get Shredding – Skipping Thirds

July 26, 2011 No Comments

Most shredding starts with learning a few patterns and sequences slowly enough that you can drill it into your head, and then slowly bumping the speed. We’ve got a classic for you today!

Tasty Techniques – Legato

July 8, 2011 No Comments

The legato technique is a favorite among shredders because it’s one of the easiest ways to play faster. We’ll show you how to get that smooth and easy sound.