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Your First Real Chords – The E Family

By Eric Hufschmid


Hello again,
So now that you guys understand how chord charts work, it’s time to actually learn a few chords! We’re going to group chords into families, and today we’ll be looking at the E family. This includes three chords, E major, E minor, and E7. When you play these chords, take note of how they sound. You’ll realize that major chords have a happy sound, minor chords have a sad sound, while 7th chords have a bluesy sound.

When you go to make these chord shapes, play each string at a time to make sure they are all ringing cleanly. If they are not, adjust your fingers until they do! Commonly, muted strings are caused by not being on your fingertips or not having your finger centered on the string. It’s tough at first but you can do it!

And as always, try not to move on until you’ve memorized these three chords and you can play them cleanly!


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