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Where Chords Come From

By Darren DeFranco

Hey guys,

Have you ever wondered where chords come from? As in why chords have the notes they do? Today we’ll be looking at the theory behind chord construction. After this lesson, you’ll have a much better of how chords work and a better understanding of music in general.

Hope you guys enjoy this theory lesson!


Use your new found understand of chord theory to figure out what notes make up the following chords:

C major
G major
D major
A major
E major
F major
Bb Major

And then figure out the notes if those chords were minor instead.


C major = C E G

G major = G B D

D major = D F# A

A major = A C# E

E major = E G# B

F major = F A C

Bb major = Bb D F

C minor = C Eb G

G minor = G Bb D

D minor = D F A

A minor = A C E

E minor = E G B

F minor = F Ab C

Bb minor = Bb Db F



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