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The Zakk Wylde Box

By Eric Hufschmid


Hey guys,

We’ve got a new pentatonic extension to show you guys today, this time it’s the Zakk Wylde box. However, the name is a little deceptive because it isn’t really one box, but rather a few of the boxes we already learned all strung together into one sequence. So the Zakk Wylde box essentially covers from the Clapton box, through the main root 6 pentatonic shape, up the BB King box. The cool thing is that you can play through these different areas with just your first and third fingers, making easy to play quickly and sound awesome.

Take your time learning this pattern, it’s something you’ll use all the time!


Master this riff and you’ll be ready to move on.


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2 Comments to “The Zakk Wylde Box”
  1. fsadhjgioi;ihoy;iuop says:

    This video stops working at 29 seconds in.

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