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The Root 5 Pentatonic Scale

By Darren DeFranco


Hey GBUers!

We’re going to start a new series on root 5 pentatonics. As the name suggests, we derive the name of the scale off of whatever note falls on the fifth string. And just like with the root 6 pentatonic scale, the root 5 can be both major and minor depending on which note on the 5th string you choose to be your root. The root 5 pentatonic scale simply gives us another option with which to solo and also has some unique characteristics that enable us to certain bends and other tricks. Take the time to really learn your scales, they are among the most important things you’ll ever need to know on guitar.

Enjoy the lesson guys!


1) Master and memorize this new scale pattern.

2) Be able to identify the root notes for a variety of root 5 pentatonic scales. Choose several up and down the neck and determine both the major and minor root for those respective scales.

3) Practice going up and down these scales and at slow comfortable speed.


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