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The Four Main Acoustic Chords

By Darren DeFranco



Hope those melodies have been treating you well, but now it’s time to get back to some chord stuff! This might be the most important chord lesson you’ll ever have. These four chords are thrown together in different ways to make countless songs. They sound awesome no matter how you play them because they belong to this thing called a “key.” Don’t worry about what that means for now, we’ll go into in more detail later on. For now, just realize they sound awesome together!

These chords may be tricky at first, but you already know one, which will certainly make life easier for you. We’re gonna have a chord changing video coming up, so if you have trouble switching, worry not, help is on the way!


First and foremost, memorize these chord shapes. Once you do that, here a few exercises to practice switching

1) G – Cadd9 – G – Cadd9

2) G – D – Cadd9 – G

3) Emin7 – D – Cadd9 – G

4) Emin7 – Cadd9 – G – D


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