The Blues Scale

By Darren DeFranco


Hey guys,

Today we’re going to learn perhaps the most important thing you’ll need to play lead blues guitar. We’re of course talking about the legendary blues scale. The blues scale is based off of the pentatonic scale, with simply one note added in – the flat five. You’ll see that when you play this scale there’s a three note chromatic line that sounds very smooth when you play it. There’s a ton you can do with the blues scale but for now just get the pattern under your belt.

Enjoy the blues scale everybody!


The most important thing right now is to memorize the blues scale and understand how it related to a standard pentatonic scale. One thing that would be very beneficial to you is to head over to our jam tracks and practice improvising with the blues scale. We just want you to get your feet wet with the scale, in future lessons we’ll really dive into soloing strategy.


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