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Tasty Techniques – Legato

By Eric Hufschmid


Hey GBUers,

In today’s lesson we’re looking at another brand new technique, this time it’s legato playing. Basically, the idea here is that we only pick the first note of a string and then use hammer ons and pull offs to play the other notes on a string. This helps give our playing a super smooth sound. Also, because we don’t have to pick every note, it makes it significantly easier to play faster. Many of the great shredders use legato playing as it is one of the easiest ways to play faster.

Hope you guys enjoy this new technique!


We know we tell you all the time, but this is truly the one lesson where you want to take it super slow at first. Take each string and practice hammering on the three notes and then pulling back off to the original. Then try linking each string together.


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