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7th Sus Chord Theory

By Eric Hufschmid

Hey GBUers,

We’ve got another theory lesson for your guys as we take a deeper look into our sus 7th chords. If you guys have been following our theory lessons so far, you shouldn’t have a problem with this lesson. The basic idea here is that we’re taking our standard dominant 7th chords and changing the third of the chord to a second or a fourth. So for example, a D7 normally contains the notes D F# A C. To make it a D7sus2 chord, the F# is changed to an E, making the new spelling D E A C. To create a D7sus4, the F# is changed to a G, making our new spelling D G A C.

Hope everything makes sense! Let us know if you have any questions!


As always, take your time with these theory lessons. For your homework, figure out the notes in the following chords:

1) A7sus4
2) D7sus2
3) F7sus4
4) Bb7sus2
5) E7sus4


1) A D E G

2) D E A C

3) F Bb C Eb

4) Bb C F Ab

5) E A B D



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