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Root 5 Minor Barre Chords

By Darren DeFranco


Hey everybody!

So by this point you guys should have a pretty good grasp of our root 6 barre chords. Well today we are going to look at just one new shape – the root 5 minor barre chord. Basically once you learn this shape, you simply look at what note you are playing on the fifth string to determine the name of the minor chord. The nifty thing is that this shape is the same as the root 6 major barre chord, just up a string! So that should make things a little easier :)

So get cracking on those root 5 minor barre chords!


Learn this shape and try moving it around to different places on the neck. Be aware of the root notes as you play these different chords. Here are a few chords; see if you can play them as root 5 minor barre chords:

E minor

G minor

C minor

A minor

B minor



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