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Root 6 Piggy Back Chords

By Eric Hufschmid


Hey guys,

Today we’re going to introduce a new topic – piggy back chords. Basically the idea is that you’re going to start off with a normal root 6 7th chord. You will use that as your home base. Then, you are going to play other shapes of the same chord built closely around your home base. This way, you can jam out and play those other shapes while the chord in your song remains the same. The result is a dynamic chord riff that sounds like its moving and creates interest in the listener even though the actual chord remains the same.

It’s really not too difficult once you get the hang of it! Let us know if you have any problems!


Be able to identify and play the various piggy back chords built off of the following barre chords: A major, G major, B major, and C major. Practice improvising a groove and adding in those piggy back chords!


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