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Root 6 Major Scale – Lead Essentials

By Eric Hufschmid


Hey everybody,

Today is a very special lesson because we’re learning one of the most important scales you’ll need to play lead guitar – the moveable major scale. This, along with the pentatonic scale, are the two biggies of soloing. The difference you’ll find is that the major scale is more melodic and smooth sounding while the pentatonic scale is bluesier and has more attitude. The two scales are also very closely related. You’ll find that the major scale is the same as the pentatonic scale with just a few extra notes thrown in there. Learn this scale then in future lessons we’ll check out some examples of how the scale can be used to make music!

Enjoy the lesson guys!


Memorize the scale and understand its relation to the pentatonic scale. Then, quiz yourself by seeing if you can play the following scales: A major, A minor, F# minor, D major, Eb minor


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