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Root 6 Barre Chords

By Darren DeFranco

Sorry to do this to you guys…

But we’ve got one of the most challenging topics for a beginner guitar player today. We’re of course talking about barre chords. For these chords, you’ve got to be able to lay your first finger across all the strings and get a clean sound from each string. It might take a few weeks to get these chords down but have some patience because it will come eventually! Don’t expect perfection at first – just try to muscle through the shapes and grind through some exercises.

You’ll notice, though, that if you pretend your first finger is a capo and use your remaining three fingers to make an E chord, you get the basic shape of a root 6 barre chord. Because of this, root 6 barre chords are said to be ‘E Shape’ chords. Just something to realize :).

Take your time with these chords and remember – first lay down your fingers across the strings gently to get the right shape, then squeeze the strings. You’ll get these chords eventually!


Memorize these new barre chords shapes and try moving them up and down the neck. You don’t have to get these chords perfect, what’s important is that the shape is correct and your technique is solid. Remember all the tips Eric talked about!


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