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Root 6 7th Chords

By Darren DeFranco


Hey guys,

Today we’re going to learn a group of chords every jazz player needs to know – the root 6 7th chords. However, don’t let that throw you off – every player regardless of style should really learn these chords because they pop up all the time. 7th chords have a beautiful, smooth sound that we really think you’ll enjoy!

Have fun and master these new chords!


Memorize the new shapes we checked out in this lesson. Then, quiz yourself by being able to identify and play these chords: Amaj7, Dmin7, F7, Bbmaj7.


2 Comments to “Root 6 7th Chords”
  1. sdfasdfasdf says:

    This one breaks early too.

  2. casinosite says:

    I’ve been looking for photos and articles on this topic over the past few days due to a school assignment, casinosite and I’m really happy to find a post with the material I was looking for! I bookmark and will come often! Thanks :D

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