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Root 5 Power Chord Intro

By Darren DeFranco


Congratulations on getting through root 6 power chords!

Next up we’ve got the root 5 power chords! But these should be very easy if you had a good handle on the root 6 ones. Basically, you take the same shape, just bump it up a string. Be careful, though, to mute the 6th string. Other than that, everything’s the same!

Until next time, keep rocking everybody!


1) Try to master this shape and make sure no extra strings ring out when you strum it

2) Then, memorize all the new notes on the 5th string. This is very important because a lot of the scales and chords we’re going to play are based on the 5th string, so memorizing the actual notes is essential

3) Try moving between these root 5 power chords: C5 – E5 – F5

4) D5 – B5 – C5


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