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Root 5 and Root 6 Power chords

By Darren DeFranco

Hello guys!

In today’s lesson we’re going to look at how to combine root 5 and root 6 power chords. There are certain strategies and tips to make this task easier, and we’re share those with you today. Most songs make use of both root 5 and root 6 power chords because there’s less moving up and down the neck, so this will be good to practice. Let us know if you have any questions!


Here are some exercises to help practice combining root 5 and root 6 power chords:

1) Try jumping from a 6th string root to a 5 string root, something like G5 – C5. Go back and forth until this is comfortable for you guys.

2) Now, try moving diagonally, maybe G5 – D5.

Finally, mix and match these two ideas: G5 – C5 – A5 – D5 etc.


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