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Root 5 and Root 6 Barre Chords

By Darren DeFranco


Hey guys,

We know these barre chords have been a challenge but you’re doing great! So far we’ve looked at root 6 and root 5 barre chords individually, so now it’s time to combine them. Thousands of bands use this technique, so it’s critical to get a handle on! In this lesson we’ll break down the movements and give you some tips on combining these two types of barre chords.

Enjoy the lesson guys!


Using the tips you learned in this lesson, try switching between the following chords:

1) G major (root 6) – C minor (root 5) – A major (root 6) – D minor (root 5)
2) G major (root 6) – D major (root 5) – C major (root 5) – A minor (root 6)
3) G major (root 6) – E minor (root 5) – A minor (root 6) – C major (root 5)



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