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Root 5 7th Chords

By Eric Hufschmid


Hey everybody,

In today’s lesson we’re going to learn about the root 5 7th chords. These are some of the most common shapes for 7th chords because they are easy to play and have a pleasant voicing. Any jazz, funk, or blues player must know these shapes, but even rockers will get some serious milage out of them. Take the time to learn these chords and listen to how they sound and think about what musical situation you might use them in.

Enjoy the new batch of chords!


Memorize these new shapes. Then, try quizzing yourself to see if you can automatically play the following chords: Cmaj7, Ebmin7, A7, Bmin7b5.


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  1. sdfasdfasdf says:

    Wrong tablature on this video (no 7ths).

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