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Root 3 and Root 4 Octaves

By Darren DeFranco


Hey everybody,

One important lesson we want you guys to understand is that a riff, chord, or pattern can sound totally different when played on different areas of the neck, even if the notes are the same. Previously, we looked at root 5 and 6 octaves, but today we’re looking at root 3 and 4 octaves. While both are technically octaves, the root 3 and 4 shapes sound much brighter. Listen for that as you play them.

Enjoy the lesson guys!


Get this new shape down and then experiment with moving it around to get more comfortable. Just take the shape up a fret at a time to start out. Because our root notes are on the 4th and 3rd strings, this is a great opportunity to learn the notes on those respective strings. At GBU we stress knowing what notes you are playing instead of the fret numbers, so really take some time to learn them!



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