Playing With the King: Major Pentatonics

By Eric Hufschmid


Hey guys,

In this lesson we’re going to talk about one of BB King’s signature soloing styles – namely his use of major pentatonics. Major pentatonics have a much happier, upbeat sound which works very well with BB King’s smooth style of playing. We’ll show you how this all works so you can get your scales in order.

Enjoy the lesson guys!


Now that you understand how to use major pentatonics for soloing, hop on over to our jam tracks and practice soloing. This is the best way to get better!


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3 Comments to “Playing With the King: Major Pentatonics”
  1. hjtghkhjkghjghj;op' says:

    Video crashes 54 seconds in.

  2. Marty says:

    Video still crashes at same point 4 months later! Do you guys read these comments?

  3. safetoto says:

    Your explanation is organized very easy to understand!!! I understood at once. Could you please post about safetoto ?? Please!!

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