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Ozzy Style Root 5 Major Scale Riff

By Darren DeFranco


Hey Prince of Darkness fans,

Ozzy has always been blessed with an amazing guitarist at every step of his career, from Tony Iommi to Randy Rhoades to Zakk Wylde. But one thing all these players have in common is that they all rock. Key to Ozzy’s dark, heavy sound has been the use of the minor/major scale. We’ll show you a riff today to show you a typical way Ozzy might employ this scale.

Rock on guys!


Master this riff and you’ll be good to go. For extra credit, transpose the riff to other keys. Try D minor, E minor, and G minor.


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One Comments to “Ozzy Style Root 5 Major Scale Riff”
  1. If this is a Randy Rhoads-type riff, then CALL it a Randy Rhoads riff. Ozzy Osbourne never played lead guitar

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