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Open G Major Scale

By Darren DeFranco


Hey GBUers

We’re going to learn our second scale today, this time it’s the G major scale. As far as guitar is concerned, this actually might be the most common scale you’ll play! You’ll realize that it still has the ‘do, ray, mi’ sound to it, however, it starts on a G note. You’ll also notice that this scale has one sharp note in it, F. Keep that in mind as you play it!

Commit to these scales because they’re super important!


1) Memorize all of the notes of the G major scale.

2) Next, memorize where on the fretboard those notes are. This is extremely important because knowing what note you’re playing as opposed to what fret will make you a far better musician

3) Try going up the scale and down the scale comfortably in a steady 8th note rhythm.



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