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Misses, Ties, and Half Notes

By Darren DeFranco


Hey guys,

In today’s lesson we’re going to look at some more advanced strumming concepts that will really bring you up to speed with your right hand. The most important technique we’re going to talk about is the miss. Basically, this is when we pass the strings without actually strumming, so it’s almost like a fake or ghost strum. While this might sound totally pointless, it’s actually very important to keep up rhythmically locked into a song. The idea behind strumming is that we constantly want our hand moving and only strum the strings when the song calls for it. Thus, we’ll end up missing the strings quite a bit. We’ll break everything down for you!

Take your time with these new patterns, we know you can do it!


Get the various strumming patterns we talked about nice and smooth. But here’s a great exercise: When you see guitarists strumming to a song, 90% of the time there isn’t a set pattern they’re sticking to, but rather they are just making it up as they go along. So the idea of this exercise is to keep a steady strum, have your hand constantly moving, and add strums and misses at your own leisure.


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