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“I’ve Created A Monster!” – Using Hybrid Scales

By Eric Hufschmid


Hey guys,

In today’s lesson we’ll be looking at a super cool technique – we’ll combine various scales to create a brutally insane, chaotic sound. Learn each scale individually as best as you can learning the names and sounds of the scales. Be conscious of the differences in notes and memorize them so you can use them to highlight certain chord tones in the riffs you play over. And use your E Minor Pentatonic as the “home base” scale to work all of the other scales around it.

Enjoy the lesson guys!


Try to write 3 licks for each of the scales and modes listed. Then play over an E Minor progression and try to go through all of your licks. Move between each of them using the E Minor Pentatonic as the transition.

Here’s an example: Play and E Minor Pentatonic, then do a lick in the E Aeolian mode. Go Back to the E Minor Pentatonic, then jump to the E Dorian mode. Back to the E Minor Pentatonic then to the E Chromatic etc.


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