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Intro to Major Pentatonics

By Darren DeFranco


Hello guys!

So far we’re been looking at minor pentatonics scales but today we’re going to venture into the world of major pentatonics. The easy thing is that they are really one in the same! All you have to do is start on a different note in the scale. The effect is that your solos and leads will sound more upbeat, along the lines of John Mayer, Allman Brothers, and many more.

So let’s get started with major pentatonics!


1) Replay your old pentatonic scales as major pentatonics – so simply start on your pinky!

2) Try this in a number of locations – play an A major, D major, and E major pentatonic scale (so find those notes with your pinky!).

3) Here are a few questions to think about: what would the major pentatonic equivalent be to a C minor pentatonic scale? F minor? D minor?


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