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In The Zone And Ready To Rock

By Eric Hufschmid


Hey guys,

Today we have perhaps the most important metal lesson of all time – we’re going to teach you about the metal zone. The metal zone is a pattern built on the lowest couple of strings that metal players use to write some super heavy drop D riffs. Learn this pattern every way possible! Experiment with it and look at it in different ways. Ascend, descend, skip around in every way possible so you know this inside and out. There’s an endless variety of brutality hidden in there!

Enjoy the lesson guys!


Be creative and write 10 riffs! I know this sounds like a lot but, if you listen to modern metal bands, having 10 riffs in a song is not much. Try to record yourself or write down your riffs. They are very easy to forget so you want to have some kind of record of what you created. Then start putting them together and try to make a song! As always… we’d love to hear it so send us your videos!!!



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