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Basic Sweep Picking

By Eric Hufschmid


Hey guys,

Today we begin a journey into one of the ultimate shredding metal techniques – sweep picking. The basic idea here is that we drag our pick across the strings, sort of like a slow strum, but only picking one note at a time. Using this technique we can get some insanely fast licks. We’ll show you some must of the must know patterns today. Like all of our sweep picking patterns, play this slow and DO NOT speed up unless you are playing it perfectly. Be conscious of the chords that you are playing over. Don’t just play these mindlessly.

Enjoy the lesson guys!


As you learn these better, try to mix up the chord progressions to create your own song! Record yourself and send us a video! We’d love to see your progress!


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One Comments to “Basic Sweep Picking”
  1. Frank says:

    GREAT video, Eric – question: is it OK for me to leave my forefinger covering the first 3 strings (on the back end) – or is that cheating and defeating the purpose? I just want to make sure I’m learning these the right way.

    Thanks gain, you’re the best… :-)


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