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How to Tune by Ear

By Eric Hufschmid

Hello guys!

Previously, we’ve showed you how to tune with a tuner, which is much easier and forgiving for beginners. But now you’ve had a bit of guitar experience and it’s time we learned to tune by ear! This is definitely a very tricking technique if you’ve never done it, it’s hard to hear slight differences in pitch. One tip is to listen for the pulsation of the waves when you play two strings. If the pitch is the same there shouldn’t be a beat frequency, but when they are off you can hear them pulsing in and out. Listen for that and try to adjust accordingly!


Try intentionally making your guitar out of tune and then tune it back up by ear. Then, check your work against a tuner. Eventually you’ll be able to hear slight differences in pitch but it will take a little while!


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