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How to Palm Mute

By Eric Hufschmid

Welcome to the world of palm muting guys!

Palm muting is a favorite technique here at GBU because you can really get a diverse palette of sounds. Metal players use it for chugging, rockers use it for thumping, and funk players can even use it to create some cool rhythm parts. The idea is pretty simple, keep the palm of your hand anchored near the bridge of your guitar and lightly touch the strings to give it that ‘thump’ sound. It may be tough at first but as long as you’re in the right spot it should work out!

Now get practicing!


Here are a few basic palm muting exercises to get you started:

1) Try just palm muting the low E string with a steady eighth note rhythm

2) Then, try palm muting an E power chord, so now you’ll have to palm mute two strings

3) Next, try palm muting a simple sequence of notes on the low E string to get your hands coordinated, something like the 1, 2, 3, and 4 frets.

4) And finally, try those same frets, but this time try palm muting full blow power chords


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