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Get Shredding – Skipping Thirds

By Darren DeFranco


Hey guys,

The key to most kinds of shredding are learning scale patterns and practicing them slowly enough to drill them into your brain. After you do that long enough, you can slowly bring up the speed until you get into supersonic speed territory. But most of it starts with patterns. Today we’re looking at a very popular one, this involves skipping thirds. Thirds are basically a term for notes that are two letters away, i.e. A and C, or B and D. Just follow the tab and the lesson and you’ll see how it all works :)

Remember to take it super slow at first and work accurately!


Learn this pattern slowly (we’ll say it a hundred times if we have to)! Start out at something like 8th notes at 60 bpm, and work up from there. Turn the metronome up a click every few days!


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