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George Bensen Style Root 5 7th Sus Riff

By Darren DeFranco


Hey guys,

7th Sus chords are a favorite amongst jazz and funk players. By rotating between a 7th sus chords and a regular 7th chord, you can infuse a bit of melody into your riffs. Combine that with a funky strumming pattern, and you’ve got a great formula for groovy riffs. George Bensen often used this strategy, so today’s riff plays homage to the jazz/funk great.

Enjoy the lesson guys!


Master this riff and you’ll be ready to move on. Try taking other chord shapes we’ve learned and applying a funky strumming pattern to see if you can create a funk riff. Any type of 7th chord usually works well. We want you to start to understand how versatile a single chord type can be – by playing it with a different strumming pattern or with a different tone, you can create a slew of new sounds and emotions.


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