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Five Cl. Rock Chords + Pentatonics = Riff Heaven

By Darren DeFranco


Hey guys,

In a previous lesson we looked at how we can use the five main open classic rock chords to create a riff in the style of ACDC, The Who, The Rolling Stones, and more. However, we can then add in notes from the open A pentatonic scale to create a merger of lead and rhythm guitar. This style is popular among bands with one guitar player like Aerosmith or Led Zeppelin. Today, we’ll give you an intro into how you can apply the approach to your own playing.

We really hope you enjoy the lesson!


Master this riff and then try to use the same concepts to create a classic rock riff of your own. Remember, alternating between the open chords and open A pentatonic notes is always a good bet!


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