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Enter the World of Octaves

By Eric Hufschmid

Hello guys!

We’re going to be taking a little break from palm muting and starting something new today – the octave. This is another moveable shape, very similar to the power chord. In fact, you’ll notice that the octave shape is very similar to the power chord, except that it is missing a note. The two notes in the octave shape have the same letter name, only one is higher. by playing them together, you get a very full sound that is a favorite among both jazz and rock players alike.

Can’t wait to get you guys started on octaves!


1) First just get comfortable with the octave shape.

2) Then, try moving it around smoothly. Try going up the notes on the low E string with octaves, ie E – F – G – A etc.

3) Finally, do this same thing on the 5th string, ala A – B – C – D etc.


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