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The Bebop Scale

By Darren DeFranco


Hey guys,

Today we’re going to learn about the bebop scale, one of the best scales for jazz soloing. The bebop scale is very similar to a major scale but has the addition of a b7 note. So let’s think about an F major scale. It has the notes F G A Bb C D E. So a bebop scale adds the b7 note, or Eb. So all together, this would be F G A Bb C D Eb E. As you can see, this creates a chromatic line from D up to the root note F. Jazz is all about playing fluidly and smoothly and there’s nothing smoother than a chromatic line.

Take some time to memorize this scale, you’ll be using it a lot!


Memorize this particular pattern for the bebop scale. But remember, this is just one pattern. The important thing is that you understand the theory behind the bebop scale so that you can apply it anywhere on the neck. Try heading over to our jazz jam tracks and using the bebop scale to improvise. Don’t feel limited by this one pattern. You can really take any major scale we’ve learned and just add in that b7 to get a bebop scale.

For some extra practice, spell out the notes in the following bebop scales:

1) C bebop

2) G bebop

3) Bb bebop


1) C D E F G A Bb B

2) G A B C D E F F#

3) Bb C D Eb F G Ab A


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