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Basic Fingerpicking Technique

By Eric Hufschmid

Hey guys,

Today we’re going to start a brand new topic that we really hope you enjoy – fingerpicking. When we fingerpick, we actually put down the pick and use our fingers to pluck the strings one at a time. This often gives our playing a less abrasive sound when compared to standard strumming and is perfect for folk or really any time of softer music. Even metal players will use fingerpicking in their breakdowns!

Take your time with this new technique and make sure you’re doing it correctly. Remember, accuracy is always more important than speed, especially early on.


Practice some of the super simple patterns we talked about in this lesson. Try applying them to a variety of chords: use C major, A minor, G major, D major, and E minor for starters. Then, perhaps take a progression we’ve learned previously and apply fingerpicking to the chords instead of strumming.


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