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Alternate Picking

By Darren DeFranco

Hey guys,

Today we’re going to learn one of the most important techniques you’ll need to play guitar – alternate picking. The idea here is pretty simple – we are going to rotate between picking up and down in order to play more efficiently and ultimately much faster. We cannot stress this enough, but it is paramount that you practice this technique at turtle like speeds to start out. Above speed, at this point your priority should be efficient movements and proper technique.

Enjoy the lesson guys!


At this point you might want to start using a metronome as you practice. It’s super important to develop good timing and using a metronome is also a great way to track your progress. Try playing eighth notes at 60 beats per minute to start out, alternating your picking on one string. Every few days, try bumping it up one beat per minute. Remember, take it slow!


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